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Artworks used to teach kids science in Shanghai

Updated: Aug 19,2015 4:58 PM

A new show in Shanghai is bringing Art and Science together in innovative ways, with masks and 3D films among the attractions at the China Art Museum.

Nine-year-old Xie Mengyu had great fun playing with the project created by Tongji University. When visitors pick up one of these masks and hold it up toward a sensor, an animated film about the mask will begin to play on the big screen.

“It’s funny. Because when the sensor detects, it will show the same face,” said the little girl.

The show includes about 100 projects from more than 10 countries and regions, covering scientific topics from nanometer technology to naked-eye 3D films. Organizers say they hope to cultivate people’s interest in science, especially young students.

This is the 11th year Shanghai has hosted the annual exhibition. This year’s show is open to the public for free at the China Art Museum in Pudong and runs until Aug 28. It is expected to attract about 10,000 visitors a day on average.