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The best sights of spring during Qingming Festival

Updated: Apr 4,2015 10:57 AM     

As Qingming Festival is just around the corner, many people are planning for a short trip to enjoy the spring. Let’s follow the newly built high-speed train routes for some scenic spots, only an easy ride away.

In the past, it would have been impossible to visit Hekou from Kunming in three days. Two days needed just to get from the capital of Yunnan province to the tourist resort. Now all it takes is six hours.

Hekou lies on the border, overlooking Vietnam across the river. So a good spot to explore further afield from. Vietnam’s Sapa is only 30 kilometers away, hailed as a town of French style hidden in the mist. Its European architecture left by French colonists in the last century.

The integration of the cultures can be seen in the food in Hekou. Whether it’s barbecue, or Vietnamese rice rolls, the night fair is worth a visit.

Four more trains have been added between Kunming and Hekou, and a night train is available for those who want to get started early.

Back to China, and next we head to Macheng in Hubei province. It’s only a two hours and 40 minute train ride from Nanjing in Jiangsu province.

The best sights of the season is in Guifeng Mountain, where azaleas bloom in April. Best food? Meat cakes. A blend of chopped fish and pork and steamed with local spices and seasoning.

The Tourist line is a good choice to get to Guifeng Mountain from downtown Macheng. Take your umbrella with you though, as it’s expected to rain there over the holiday.