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Tourists enjoy hot air balloon experience in Sichuan

Updated: Mar 16,2015 2:10 PM     

It’s a sea of flowers in the mountainous, northern suburb of Chengdu city, capital of southwest China’s Sichuan province. Local authorities are holding a festival, welcoming the outdoorsie-types from around the country. Many have come to view the magnificent landscapes.

Just a stroll down the country roads is many tourists’ choice. But some people, who are not afraid of heights, are going high in the sky. A hot-air balloon ride is quite the experience. The ride only lasts about ten minutes, but even this is enough to raise the adrenaline levels for many.

And, once they come back down to earth, they can peddle their way around the mountainous terrain. The festival has already attracted tens of thousands of visitors, but it’s expecting many more in the coming days, as the fresh spring season continues to draw people out.