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Gala to mark 50 years of China-France relations

Updated: Jan 28,2015 11:14 AM     

A concert that brought together A-list artists from both China and France was on air on CCTV-3 and CCTV-French on the night of Jan 27.

The televised event celebrated 50 years of diplomatic ties between the two nations, and TV audiences were treated to an art extravaganza, featuring opera and choral performances, and musical masterpieces.

The concert was filled with surprises, brought by A-list performers from both countries. Highlights included renowned Chinese tenor Liao Changyong, who teamed up with French singer Vicente Niccolo for a rendition of the inspiring Toreador song from the French opera Carman.

Paganini Violin Competition first place winner Lyu Siqing performed alongside French violinist on classics from both countries to play “Butterfly Lovers” and “Meditation.”

“French musicians are very sensitive, and have a very nuanced method of playing, and in its delivery of emotions, they are similar to Chinese artists. These two tunes are all very delicate in how they convey emotions,” Lyu said.

Famous Chinese tenors Warren Mok, Dai Yuqiang and Wei Song formed a trio to perform another excerpt of Carmen: “A Tribute to Carmen” and the Mongolian folk song “Swan Geese”.

China’s Piano prince Li Yundi treated the audience with his masterful presentation of piano concerto “Yellow River.”

There was no shortage of pop music either. Chinese duo Phoenix Legend brought their hit song “Most Dazzling Folk Style”.

Director Christophe Barratier invited audience members to revisit his film classic “Les Choristes”, conducting a Chinese student chorus.

The star-studded gala brought the China-France Culture Year to a climax.

January 27 was the 50th anniversary of the two countries establishing diplomatic ties. It is hoped the concert delivered a message of friendship between China and France.