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New app shows the world of the Five Dynasties period

Updated: Jan 14,2015 3:12 PM

The Palace Museum in Beijing has launched a new app allowing people to learn about the painting “The Night Revels of Han Xizai.”

The app will launch people into the world of the Five Dynasties period, which was some 1,100 years ago.

Han Xizai was a prominent official during the Southern Tang Dynasty (AD 937—975). Toward the end of the dynasty, Han whiled away his time with extravagant indulgences and ignored the political events of the time.

The last emperor of the dynasty was suspicious of Han’s lifestyle, so he dispatched the court painter to paint Han’s evening feasts, which is how “The Night Revels of Han Xizai” was created.

Using artists from Beijing, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, the Palace Museum presents viewers with high-definition images, captivating performances, and interactive scenes.

The app took designers and artists two years to create.