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National Ballet of China performs classic

Updated: Dec 10,2014 3:22 PM

Literary classics have often been adapted into modern films in hopes of reaching a wider audience. But great stories have also been adapted for the stage, to reach those searching for a more dramatic performance. Hans Christan Andersen’s famous story, The Little Mermaid made its debut at the National Center for the Performing Arts in Beijing on the night of Dec 6.

The Little Mermaid, everyone’s beloved story took the stage on the night of Dec 6 at the NCPA in Beijing. A story of love where a mermaid travels through both worlds, enduring torment because of her committed love for the prince. Famous German choreographer and the director of the Hamburg Ballet John Neumeier created a modern but timeless interpretation of Hans Christan Andersen’s tale with the National Ballet of China.

“Mr. Nuemeier created something very different from the Disney version of The Little Mermaid,” deputy director of National Ballet of China Wang Quanxing said. “Our production of the Little Mermaid stays very true to the original version where it’s actually not a happy ending. Andersen also appears throughout the entire performance acting as a link to the characters and stories that unfolds.”

Founded in 1959, the National Ballet of China is the country’s only national ballet company. In the past 55 years the company has introduced many outstanding classical ballets and contemporary ballet works, while attaching great importance to creating a unique fusion between western classical ballet and Chinese culture.

The National Ballet of China has gone through a lot of transformations from its choice of repertoires, performing style and guest choreographers. The Little Mermaid on the night of Dec 6 brings a more realistic understanding of a traditional ballet and into the minds of Hans Christan Andersen.