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Aged pandas cared for at Sichuan rehabilitation center

Updated: Aug 27,2014 11:27 AM

Giant pandas in the wild can live for around 20 years. When a panda is over that age, it is considered old. China established its first center for old and sick pandas in southwest China’s Sichuan Province two years ago.

The Dujiangyan Wolong Giant Panda Disease Control Center was the first of its kind in China. It focuses on taking good care of dozens of aged and sick giant pandas.

Established in 2012, covering an area of 600,000 square meters, the center consists of a lab, a veterinary hospital and 40 enclosures.

“The base mainly serves as a disease control and prevention center for pandas. Sick pandas are transferred here for treatment. They also can stay here for rehabilitation. Of course, pandas exiting and entering from abroad are also to stay here for quarantine,” Zhang Hemin, director of Research & Conserv. Center For Giant Pandas, said.

Aged pandas in the center are given a bigger enclosure, with a garden covering 100 square meters, but they are not open to the public due to their health conditions.

“Pandas who are over 25 are entitled to enjoy ’welfare’ and be looked after here. So this is a base providing facilities for the giant pandas to maintain good health,” Zhang said.

Since being established, the panda rehabilitation center has so far cared for a total of 20 giant pandas.