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China’s elderly population to account for 40% of Asia’s total by 2050

Updated: Dec 8,2017 2:53 PM     People’s Daily Online

China’s elderly population is estimated to hit 480 million by 2050, accounting for two-fifths of the total figure in Asia, said Zhu Yaoyin, vice-president of China National Committee on Aging on Dec 6.

China is currently the only country in the world with an elderly population of over 200 million, Zhu said, and that percentage is expected to increase by 24 percent from 2000 to 2050, twice that of the estimated world average.

In addition, Zhu noted, China has turned into an aging society as a developing economy, which constitutes a serious issue.

As a result, the country is faced with a huge task, especially with ongoing urbanization and a low-birth rate trend.

Zhu promised that the country will further enhance the social security system and basic public services for senior citizens, and find solutions to tackle major difficulties.

Meanwhile, the country will take measures based on comprehensive evaluations to improve the elderly care system, such as community-based and smart care services.