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China’s innovation ignites the world

Updated: Oct 5,2017 11:16 AM

“Mass entrepreneurship and innovation” is not only a slogan, but a real campaign that has already brought changes to people’s lives.

Scanning the code of a shared-bicycle, you can ride it away. With cross-border e-commerce, you can buy top-end goods from all over the world. As an increasing number of Chinese have gotten used to these chic techniques, this lifestyle is sweeping across the world.

Apple, imitating WeChat, a Chinese social-messaging app, has added a payment function to its iMessage.

YouTube, learning from China’s livestream broadcasts, started Super Chat to give audiences a chance to pay to win their anchors’ attention.

And there are also “Indian Alipay”, “Thailand’s Alibaba”, and “Philippine WeChat”. In Australia and Japan, the Chinese shared-bikes occupy their streets.

Thanks to the support of the government, more and more Chinese youths have turned to starting their own businesses. Just as Premier Li Keqiang said, mass entrepreneurship and innovation can fully tap people’s intelligence, providing equal opportunities for them to show their talents.

In April, the United Nations called for all the countries to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation. Given that, it can be expected that a global “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” wave is on the horizon.