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Diplomatic vehicles in China to have new license plates before May

Updated: Feb 15,2017 10:47 AM

All diplomatic vehicles in China will have to renew their license plates before May 1, Beijing Daily reports.

According to new regulations on diplomatic vehicle plates that were released by the Foreign Ministry in January, owners of the vehicles are to pick up new license plates and credentials and return the old plates at the Vehicle Administration Office of Beijing Traffic Management Bureau.

There is a charge of 115 yuan (around $17) for the new plates and credentials for each motor vehicle and 50 yuan for each motorcycle (cash only).

It is the first time that China puts controls on the total number of diplomatic vehicles.

Moreover, the owner of a diplomatic vehicle will have to purchase compulsory traffic accident liability insurance for motor vehicles and third-party liability insurance with a minimum coverage of one million yuan.

If traffic violations linked to a diplomatic vehicle are not settled, the owner or driver shall settle them at any law enforcement station of Beijing Traffic Management Bureau, or pay the fines at a bank or online.

For the owner of a vehicle with traffic violation points over 12 within one year, he or she shall deal with the violations at any law enforcement station of Beijing Traffic Management Bureau.

The first new diplomatic license plate was issued to the Embassy of Laos in China on Feb 13.