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Overseas views on NPC & CPPCC: China’s great power diplomacy in 2015

Updated: Mar 9,2016 11:51 AM

Foreign Minister Wang Yi said at the press conference on March 8 that China, as a responsible emerging country, has gained major achievements in diplomacy over the last year, along with winning stronger international recognition and praise.

Constructing new type of major country relations

Last year, President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang have visited many major countries both in the East and West, while meeting leaders of foreign countries in China, and talking with business leaders at international meetings.

The construction of a new type of major country relations, advocated by China, has generated much support from the international community. Premier Li said in the government work report that its spirit favors cooperation, benign interaction, mutual benefits and win-win results.

Keeping good neighborly relations while sticking to principles

China adheres to sincere periphery diplomacy with reciprocal benefits and conducts pragmatic diplomacy through economic cooperation, border trade and people-to-people exchanges that have been thriving between China and its neighbors.

Meanwhile, China maintains its principles over sovereignty issues. As the Premier said that China would seek lasting peace and integrative development with regional countries.

Focusing on major country relations, while keeping developing countries in mind

Over the last year, China has deepened South-South cooperation to promote common development and has maintained the legitimate rights and interests of developing countries. China’s assistance to developing countries has embodied international responsibilities and obligations as a new type of major country.

During the World Climate Change Conference in Paris, China endorsed the legitimate interests of developing countries, and pledged more funding and technical support to tackle emissions reductions.

The China-Africa Cooperation Forum and China-Latin America Forum have also reflected that the country would not forget old friends and would like to form a community of common destiny on the road of mutual development.

At international conferences, such as a series of United Nations meetings, G20 Summit, Informal APEC Summit, East Asia cooperation meetings and World Economic Forum, highlighted China’s diplomacy in 2015. China had successfully hosted China-Africa Cooperation Forum, China-Europe leaders meeting and launched China-Latin America Forum.

The Belt and Road Initiative has made significant progress, including the establishment of the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and launching the New Silk Road Fund, as well as enhancing connectivity with participating countries in the fields of economic and trade cooperation, cultural and educational exchanges.

As Premier Li said, China has put forward more streamlining on the custom’s clearance cooperative mechanism along with building more roads to boost international logistics channels.

China would stick to the principle of negotiations, co-construction and sharing, making the Belt and Road Initiative a common bond of friendship and prosperity for all involved.

Meanwhile, the world continues to face various challenges, such as a flagging global economic recovery, increase of terrorism, unceasing regional conflicts, European refugee crisis and much more.

As a new emerging major country, the world expects China to contribute its ideas to resolve global hot issues. Possessing five thousand years of history and wisdom, China intends to play constructive roles to promote a global economic recovery and solve other key problems.

Premier Li Keqiang said that China has resolved to make unremitting efforts for peace and development along to help international society.