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Six measures of the leading group’s reform plans

Cao Yin
Updated: Aug 19,2015 8:28 AM     China Daily

At the 15th meeting of the Central Leading Group for Deepening Overall Reform on Aug 18, which was set up in late 2013 to manage the ongoing reform drive, the leading group decided to adopt reform plans in six areas:

1. Audit: Problems and corrections in audit work will be handed in to the top Chinese legislature, aiming to strengthen legislators’ supervision.

2. Court: Each court must focus on trials and judgments, improving judicial accountability and ensuring that judges can make independent verdicts.

3. Procuratorates: Prosecuting authorities must make clear their procuratorial duties and improve their procuratorial committee system to put prosecutors’ powers under supervision.

4. University: China is to develop world-class universities, improving the educational competitive power.

5. Compulsory education: China will promote compulsory education, including financial support and teaching quality, in underdeveloped regions.

6. ID card management: People who lose identity cards can report and apply for a new one in public security bureaus in the area where they lost the card.