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Zhongguancun park’s firms showcase their advantages

Updated: May 15,2015 10:46 AM     China Daily

As a major contributor to Beijing’s GDP growth, Zhongguancun aims to help innovators.[Photo/Provided to China Daily]

The ongoing 18th China Beijing International High-tech Expo is hosting more than 140 companies from the city’s Zhongguancun Science Park to showcase their latest innovative products and services.

Zhongguancun’s exhibition, which is themed “leading high-tech and creating a technological future”, displays its achievements in intelligent technology, innovative Internet integration and entrepreneurship.

One eye-catching high-tech innovation is a wearable eye tracking device that uses eye tracking technology to allow people suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis to communicate with others by typing words with their eyes.

The creation was made by Beijing 7Invensun Technology Co Ltd, which specializes in eye-tracking technology and provides solutions for PCs, tablets, cellphones and smart glasses.

The company is not alone in Zhongguancun’s exhibition, with many other displays of artificial intelligence products related to home supplies, wearable devices, automobiles and manufacturing, intended to make people’s daily lives smarter. With such companies, Zhongguancun is playing a more important role in turning Beijing into a technological innovation center to boost the economy.

Thanks to its leading role in high-tech zones across China, the Ministry of Science and Technology decided to make the park a pioneer in innovative integration of the Internet and traditional industries and in a leader in mass entrepreneurship.

Zhongguancun’s highlight at the expo is “Internet Plus”, which showcases how mobile Internet, the Internet of Things, big data and cloud computing can be integrated with agriculture, healthcare and the environment.

Chinese people increasingly pay more attention to their heath, so smart and convenient healthcare products and services are in demand. A smart device on display at the expo makes it possible for people to get general information about their health more easily at home.

It can measure blood pressure and glucose levels and records all the data.

The information is then synchronized with a smart phone via an app and is available to give doctors for diagnosis.

Similar equipment is now in wide use in healthcare, environmental pollution control and agricultural cultivation and irrigation sectors, bringing great changes to traditional modes of production and business.

Zhongguancun is also taking the chance to showcase its advantages as an entrepreneurial hub.

It is expected to organize high-tech displays, innovative idea exchanges, project discussions and maker gatherings during the expo, to show entrepreneurial spirit and allow visitors to experience its innovation vitality.

Premier Li Keqiang recently visited Inno Way, an innovation nesting zone in Zhongguancun Haidian Science Park, to talk to young innovators and startup businesspeople.

That signaled the government support for small businesses and encouraging innovation among the public.

Zhongguancun, China’s Silicon Valley, has acted as an ideal place for high-tech innovators and startups because of its core competitiveness in leading enterprises, university connections, high-end professionals, investment, financing, services and entrepreneurship.

It is now home to more than 30 innovation incubators, including 3W Coffee and 36Kr, along with previous high-tech incubators, university science parks and startup sites for overseas entrepreneurs. As a major contributor to Beijing’s GDP growth, Zhongguancun pledged to continue helping innovators with the dream of changing the world and enterprises committed to overturning tech innovation.