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China compiles bilingual training books for Tibetan law enforcers

Updated: Mar 16,2015 10:55 AM     Xinhua

BEIJING — China has compiled a series of law-themed training books in Chinese and Tibetan language, the first of its kind aiming to facilitate law enforcement in the country’s Tibetan areas.

The ten-book set, with topics ranging from the Constitution and Criminal Law, took law experts well versed in Chinese and Tibetan languages one year to write under the organization of the Gansu Provincial Higher People’s Court, according to a statement released on March 15 after a symposium on the books.

The series will be published by the Ethnic Publishing House.

“This series fills in the blank for political and legal workers in the Tibetan regions who have no bilingual training books. It will play an important role in cultivating judges of ethnic minorities, boosting the judicial work of courts and ensure the rights of Tibetan people to appeal in their own ethnic language,” said Chief Justice Zhou Qiang.