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China exposes 3,200 “naked officials”

Updated: Dec 15,2014 9:18 PM     Xinhua

BEIJING — China has found more than 3,200 “naked” officials at county-level or above.

“Naked” officials are generally senior officials who have sent their families abroad, often as a conduit transferring their ill-gotten assets abroad, and in preparation for their own flight.

Some 1,000 “naked officials” who hold key positions and whose families refuse to return were demoted, said a statement from the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Dec 15.

In February the anti-graft spotlight fell on these officials, as a high risk group; likely be stealing sizable amounts and — once they make their getaway — difficult to track down. Such officials are banned from promotions and from “important and sensitive” posts in areas like the military, diplomacy and national security.

Personnel departments nationwide have held talks with “naked officials” and asked them to choose between accepting less sensitive posts or bringing their families back to China. Those who refused have been disciplined and personnel departments will monitor “naked officials” on a regular basis in the future.

China’s southern Guangdong province was the first to make high-profile moves against “naked officials”, drafting a law in October banning them holding important positions.