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Shanghai customs officials under graft investigation

Wang Hongyi
Updated: Aug 21,2014 11:50 AM     China Daily

Four officials from Shanghai Customs have been put under investigation for corruption.

Shanghai Customs said on its website on Aug 19 that the customs’ discipline inspection department had already carried out an investigation into Bian Zuyao, the former deputy head of Shanghai Customs. The preliminary investigation result has been sent to the procuratorate. Bian and the three other officials have been under investigation by the procuratorate.

Shanghai Customs could not be reached by China Daily for comment.

Bian, 62, became the head of Shanghai Customs’ Pudong branch in 2004 and was appointed deputy head of Shanghai Customs in 2006.

Bian was taken away by the discipline inspection department around July 11 after he had already retired. He has been held in custody in Zhengzhou, Henan province, according to, a major business news website.

Bian allegedly owned at least seven apartments, and more than 10 million yuan ($1.62 million) in cash was seized in his home.

The Customs’ office building, for which Bian oversaw construction, was poorly built as the water could not drain, and roofs and walls leaked, according to

Bian also allegedly gave several apartments as gifts to a government official, it said.

The three other officials under investigation are Ling Xiong, head of the Shanghai Customs’ anti-smuggling bureau in Waigaoqiao port, Zhu Liang, director of Shanghai Customs’ processing trade inspection department, and Han Jinxi, a supervisor of Shanghai Customs’ on-site business. They were taken away by Zhengzhou prosecutors for investigation around Aug 10, reported.

Shanghai Customs said on its website that it will cooperate with the procuratorate in the investigation.