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Rio Olympic Games ‘Made in China’-another gold medal

Updated: Aug 23,2016 4:53 PM

A “Made in China” subway train arrives at a new station on Metro Line 4 built for the Rio Olympic Games, July 30, 2016. Sixty percent of the trains on Metro Line 4 are manufactured by Changchun Railway Vehicles Co., Ltd.[Photo: Xinhua]

Volunteers at the Rio Olympic Games take a ride on Metro Line 4 on Aug 1, 2016. [Photo: Xinhua]

A group of technicians wearing 361 Degrees uniforms at the badminton stadium during the Rio Olympic Games on Aug 19, 2016. The major sportswear supplier from China became the first Chinese official outfitter of the Summer Olympic Games. According to its CEO, 361 Degrees outfitted volunteers, medical staff, referees and operational staff. In all, the brand provided 390,000 pieces to the Games. [Photo: Xinhua]

A volunteer wearing a 361 Degrees uniform guides media staff to the news center for the Rio Olympic Games on July 29. [Photo: Xinhua]

A group of staffers wearing 361 Degrees uniforms walk through Barra Olympic Park in Rio, Brazil, on Aug 1, 2016. [Photo: Xinhua]

A Nuctech security scanner is used at Barra Olympic Park during the Rio Olympic Games on Aug 17, 2016. As a major supplier of high-tech security products and services in China, Nuctech signed contracts with Brazilian authorities to be the main supplier of security check equipment, and offered over 260 security scanners during the Games.[Photo: Xinhua]

Two journalists pass by Gree air conditioners at Maracana Stadium during the Rio Olympic Games on Aug 20, 2016. As an outstanding Chinese brand, Gree Electric successfully brought its two major products - household air conditioners and commercial air conditioners - to the opening and closing ceremony venue, athletes village and media village.[Photo: Xinhua]

A Chinese Ping-Pong ball was used in the table tennis competition during the Rio Olympic Games on Aug 16, 2016. Chinese brand Double Happiness was an official supplier to the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, and it is the fifth time the brand was chosen. [Photo: Xinhua]

Volunteers and staff members take photos on the wrestling mat inside the wrestling stadium during the Rio Olympic Games on Aug 18, 2016. For the fourth time, Chinese brand TaiShan Enjoy Sports became the official supplier for the Olympic Games, and it supplied nearly 10,000 pieces of sports equipment for 11 major competitions, including taekwondo, wrestling, judo, and track and field during the Rio Olympic Games.[Photo: Xinhua]

Wrestling mats made by Chinese brand TaiShan at the wrestling stadium during the Rio Olympic Games on Aug 15, 2016. [Photo: Xinhua]