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China committed to new intl relations featuring win-win co-op

Updated: Apr 10,2015 9:11 AM     Xinhua

MOSCOW — China is committed to establishing a new type of international relations that feature win-win cooperation, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said in a recent interview during his official visit to Russia.

“China will not follow the old path taken by existing powers. It is ready to work with countries including Russia to promote the establishment of a new type of international relations that feature cooperation and win-win results rather than confrontation and zero-sum competition,” Wang told the Russia 24 TV channel in Moscow on April 7.

The comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership between China and Russia has offered useful experience for engagement among major countries, which serves as an ongoing successful practice for international relations, Wang added.

Speaking of reforms of the United Nations and the Security Council, Wang said the international environment has undergone dramatic changes since the world body was founded 70 years ago. The changes require the United Nations to improve capacity building in order to better fulfill its obligations contained in the UN Charter.

“China supports the stronger representation of developing countries including small- and medium-sized countries in the UN ... and calls for a reform package agreed by all members through consultations to reach a final consensus,” said Wang.

Wang stressed that China is opposed to force ill-advised plans or setting any deadline for the reform process, which will do no good to the healthy development of reforming process and to the solidarity within the United Nations.

When asked about whether the Development Bank established by the BRICS countries will represent a challenge for existing economic and financial systems, Wang said closer cooperation among the BRICS countries which are positive players in current international economic and financial orders, is neither aimed at overturning existing systems nor introducing any new rules.

The initiative is based on the needs of the BRICS countries as existing mechanisms cannot fully meet their great demand for capital, and it is also a useful complementary tool for the current world financial system, he added.

Meanwhile, Wang noted that there is a real need for current global financial system to reform and to advance with the times, which requires it not only to consider new situations concerning world economy and global balance of power, but to respect the legitimate wishes of emerging economies for more role in global economic governance.

With regard to the economic exchanges between China and Russia, the foreign minister said Beijing and Moscow have been following the principle of equal and mutually beneficial cooperation with win-win results, calling on the two sides to consolidate their cooperation in traditional areas like energy, while furthering bilateral exchanges of high technologies and creating new space for collaboration.

The Chinese top diplomat also reiterated China’s position on the Ukraine crisis, saying that China always believes in a political settlement of the crisis and that Beijing is glad to see that parts of the new Minsk deal has been implemented.

He urged that balance should be struck among different regions and groups in Ukraine with consideration of their own legitimate interests as well as a balance in Ukraine’s relations with Russia and the European Union.

When commenting on Sino-US relations, Wang said China has proposed to establish a new type of major-country relations with the United States, which centers on non-conflict, non-confrontation, mutual respect and common development through win-win cooperation.

“Progress has been made in the China-US engagement, but there are still gaps between them. We suggest melting differences through dialogue in a constructive manner, and for those that cannot be solved immediately, it’s better to put them under control in order not to let them hamper the sound development of bilateral ties,” Wang added.