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Vice-Premier Wang Yang encourages rural youth to innovate

Updated: Jan 29,2015 11:14 AM

Vice-Premier Wang Yang encouraged young people in rural areas to be more innovative, so that they would be able to offer ideas to develop agriculture and the agricultural industry. He made the comments during a discussion with representatives of young people from rural areas on Jan 28.

Wang said he believes that young people are the future of China, saying the government has great expectations for the younger generation and is offering opportunities for young people to acquire skills and to innovate.

In order to achieve sustainable farming, new technologies and effective management are required in the agricultural sector, and Wang said that young people from rural areas should aim to acquire more knowledge and broaden their horizons - which is necessary for growth and progress.

Wang promised the government would create more favorable conditions for the career development of young people in rural areas, and he also urged departments at all levels to assist in these efforts.