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Liu Yandong attends grassroots multi-arts event

Updated: Oct 28,2014 7:36 PM

Vice-Premier Liu Yandong watched performances of winners of the 10th Galaxy Award in Beijing on Oct 27, the last stop of their national tour.

The award, established by the Ministry of Culture in 1991, recognizes excellence in music, dance, drama and folk art - and only concerns amateurs showcasing local culture.

Members of the public from twelve provinces and cities demonstrated their talents at the National Centre for the Performing Arts.

The dance Haiying and Her Mothers - based on the true story of Zhao Haiying, a rural woman in Lucheng city of Shanxi province - focused on the traditional Chinese virtue of filial piety.

The modern dance Sunday revealed the difficult but happy life of an optimistic water bearer and his family.

Another highlight of the evening involved a men’s chorus singing Standing on a tall scaffolding, which turned a spotlight on the contribution of the country’s many construction workers.

The whole show ended with the song The Chinese Dream.

Beijing Party chief Guo Jinlong and more than 2,000 people attended the event, which marked the first year the Ministry of Culture organized such a nationwide tour of the winners.

More than one million people watched over 400 shows during this tour.