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Wang Yang calls for efficient law enforcement at ports

Mo Jingxi
Updated: Aug 26,2014 4:21 PM

Vice-premier Wang Yang called for better coordination and more efficient law enforcement to ensure safety and offer a better service at Chinese ports.

Wang made the remarks on Aug 25 at a symposium on China’s ports, saying that improved law enforcement is part of efforts to further open up the country’s economy.

He said the number of ports in China has increased substantially since the country implemented its reform and opening-up policy - and the ports also have broader functions and increased capacities - thus contributing to a more open economy and also to national security.

But Wang also said some problems need to be resolved, including inadequate law enforcement and coordination, and inefficient and costly customs clearance.

He said authorities should promote the exchange of information - as a matter of urgency - as they expand joint law enforcement among ports around the country.

Wang called for more efforts to implement the “single window” pilot program for international trade at all of China’s coastal ports by 2015. And he also said nationwide port cooperation regarding customs clearance should be accelerated.

Wang added the authorities should aim for long-term progress concerning port development - rather than only focusing on solving problems that concern businesses and the public.

The vice-premier suggested the country should also aim to build more inland ports, and upgrade services at border crossings - amid a comprehensive development of coastal ports.

He said the construction standards should be established and the ports should be equipped with more intelligent devices.