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Beijing vows active drug-fight role

Amy He
Updated: Apr 21,2016 9:39 AM     China Daily

China is committed to fighting drug crime and will continue to support the work of UN anti-narcotics agencies, according to State Councilor Guo Shengkun.

Guo said the country will play an “active part in international and regional cooperation and jointly combat transnational crimes”.

He was speaking at a special United Nations session convened on April 19 to discuss the global drug problem.

UN member states are addressing international drug control at the session, which began on April 19 and will end on April 21.

World leaders, public health officials and human rights activists are calling for reforms to an objective proposed during a special session on drugs convened in 1998, which focused on eliminating illegal drugs.

Guo said countries should avoid political factors in anti-narcotics efforts or using drugs as a pretext to interfere with nations’ internal affairs, adding that developed countries should provide funding and technical assistance to developing ones.

China’s efforts to combat illegal drugs include seizing more than 750 million tons of drugs in the past decade and prosecuting more than 1 million drug cases.

“We are ready to work with the international community to build partnership for mutual benefit, advance the cause of drug control, and work tirelessly for the health, safety and well-being of mankind,” Guo said.