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China, Japan hold first high-level political dialogue

Updated: Jul 16,2015 9:27 PM

State Councilor Yang Jiechi and visiting head of Japan’s National Security Council Shotaro Yachi co-hosted the first China-Japan high-level political dialogue in Beijing on July 16.

Both sides agreed that the China-Japan relationship matters greatly to the people of the two countries, and initiating the high-level political dialogue is “a major measure for both countries to enhance high-level strategic communication”.

Such a dialogue is helpful to build consensus, manage and control differences, and generate momentum in which the relationship enjoys stability and gains in strength, the two sides agreed.

Yang noted that since the end of last year, the relationship has shown improvement, and bilateral dialogue and exchanges in various areas have been restored and increased to some degree.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the victory of both the Chinese People’s War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression as well as the world’s Anti-Fascist War, he said.

“The Japanese side should send clear signals regarding historical issues, properly tackle sensitive issues, stipulate and implement policies that tangibly facilitate the development of the China-Japan relationship,” Yang said.

Following Yang and Yachi’s November talks last year, a four-point principled consensus was released by the two governments to improve the strained relationship.

Yang said China calls for following the spirit of “facing up squarely to history and face up to the future” and implementing the four-point principled consensus in real and concrete terms on the basis of the consensus.

Yachi said the relationship is of great importance, and has shown signs of improvement since last year as leaders of both countries have met, and Japan hopes to see further improvement in the bilateral relationship.

Japan affirms its commitment to the consensus that Japan and China are cooperative partners and they do not pose threats to each other, Yachi said.

“As I visit China this time, I would like to embark on an in-depth exchange of views with the Chinese side regarding the development of bilateral ties. It is hoped that the two sides maintain political dialogue and the momentum of the improving Japan-China relationship,” he said.