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China conveys concern on Japan’s new security bills

Updated: Jul 16,2015 9:10 PM

State Councilor Yang Jiechi made a solemn representation to visiting head of Japan’s National Security Council Shotaro Yachi during the first China-Japan high-level political dialogue in Beijing on July 16 after the Japanese ruling coalition rammed through a series of security bills in Japan’s lower house earlier in the day.

Yang expressed China’s serious concerns and solemn position. “Due to historical reasons, Japan’s military and security agenda has long received great attention from Asian neighbors and the international community,” Yang said.

The passing of the new security bills by the Japanese lower house “is an unprecedented move taken by postwar Japan in military and security domains”.

Given the bigger picture in which the international community seeks peace, pursuit of development, cooperation and a win-win situation, the Japanese side is fortifying its efforts in strengthening military forces, making drastic revisions to its military and security policies, Yang noted.

Such actions are “not in accordance with the trend of the current era and the world”, and are puzzling its neighbors and the international community, prompting them to ask if Japan will break away from its policy of focusing on self-defense.

“At this moment when the world’s people are reflecting on history and yearning for peace, we sincerely urge the Japanese side to learn from historical lessons in real concrete terms, stay committed to the path of peaceful development, honor the major security concerns of Asian neighbors and refrain from doing things that do not facilitate regional peace and stability,” Yang said.

A spokesperson of the foreign ministry also delivered China’s solemn position on the issue.