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State Councilor stresses need for reform push to serve the people

Updated: Jun 18,2015 6:20 PM

State Councilor Yang Jing on June 18 urged officials to push forward the central government’s efforts in streamlining administrative procedures and delegating powers to lower levels and better serve the public via the reform.

Yang made the remarks at a seminar focusing how to better serve people with the ongoing reform. The panel discussion was held at the Chinese Academy of Governance where Yang serves as the president.

Yang said despite the achievements made in the past two years, some problems were still impeding reform. Some powers delegated lacked substance, some tasks were not well coordinated, and supervision was sometimes lacking, he pointed out.

Yang said officials should work together to find out better ways to push forward the reform. The government should try to draw in contributions and suggestions from society to deepen the reform, in order to lay a more concrete foundation for further development.

Chief officials from departments under the State Council, local government leaders, scholars and entrepreneurs attended the forum.