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Aviation, major river and trucks to see new focus

Hu Yongqi
Updated: May 22,2018 7:09 AM     China Daily

Aviation logistics encouraged as air transport gets fresh liftoff

The Civil Aviation Administration of China established a guideline to promote aviation logistics and help boost air transport and economic transformation.

According to the guideline, measures should be taken to improve the service quality and competitiveness of air services, boost the informationization of aviation logistics, and build an efficient, green, secure and reliable system for the industry.

Nine key objectives were outlined in the document, including encouraging traditional transport to integrate with new business models, such as internet-based services.

The document also urged cooperation and exchange with customs authorities to conduct cross-region clearance, which will improve the efficiency of air transport and achieve high-quality aviation logistics.

Land use along Yangtze River to be inspected to protect ecology

The Ministry of Environment and Ecology said in a recent notice that irregular and illegal land use along the Yangtze River will be inspected in a bid to better protect the environment along China’s longest river.

The notice said the Yangtze River is an important ecological treasure and illegal development will pose threats to the environment along the river.

The document said a long-term mechanism will be established to safeguard ecological integrity along the river by curbing any damage and strengthening supervision and inspections.

All national and provincial nature reserves and protected areas above the county level along the mainstream of the Yangtze and its major tributaries will be covered in this inspection.

Unauthorized trucks will be excluded from expressways

Starting from July 1, trucks that don’t comply with rules and regulations will not be allowed on expressways, said three ministries including the Ministry of Transport.

The new rule was part of a joint notice issued by the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. All non-compliant trucks will be banned by June 30, the notice said.

The notice said all transport authorities at different levels should strengthen inspection of local non-compliant trucks and renew them with ones that abide by relevant rules and regulations.

For non-compliant trucks that fail to meet the deadline, punishment will be handed out to drivers and logistics companies, and the Ministry of Transport will cancel the transition period for these companies, the notice said.

Public cultural facilities to offer enhanced range of free services

The central government has allocated 5.18 billion yuan ($822 million) in funds to support public cultural facilities, including libraries, museums and art galleries to offer free services, the Ministry of Finance said last week.

The money will go to 1,854 museums and memorial halls, 7,064 art galleries, public libraries and cultural centers at city and county levels, and 41,493 cultural stations in townships, the ministry said.

Free services at public cultural facilities ensure basic cultural demands of the public and improve public cultural services, the ministry said.

Aided by central funds, 3,393 museums had no admission fees last year, accounting for more than 80 percent of China’s museums, and 678 million visitors were able to avail themselves of the free services.