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China details online pornography and illegal publication cases

Updated: Nov 23,2017 8:56 AM     Xinhua

Chinese authorities gave details of some cases of online pornography and illegal publications on Nov 22.

The National Office Against Pornographic and Illegal Publications said that in one of the typical cases, police in east China’s Zhejiang province in August caught 19 suspects using over 100 chat groups on WeChat to spread erotic videos. About 300 to 500 people in each group received 100 to 200 links to illegal videos each day.

In another case, police in Beijing caught 17 suspects in October for using live streaming mobile apps to show male erotic performances. The police also detained eight executives of the Dalian-based company suspected of running the live streaming service and is hunting down its legal representative who has gone into hiding after the company’s business was exposed.

In other cases, production and storage sites of illegal publications and illegal online bookstores were closed down.