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China to raise share of non-fossil fuels in 2016

Updated: Dec 30,2015 9:43 AM     Xinhua

BEIJING — China will continue improving its energy consumption structure and efficiency in 2016, a senior energy official said on Dec 29.

China will lift the ratio of consumption of non-fossil fuels among total energy consumption to 13.2 percent next year, compared with about 12 percent in 2015, and reduce that of coal from 64.4 percent this year to below 62.6 percent in 2016, said Nur Bekri, head of the National Energy Administration.

The government aims to add over 20 million kilowatts of installed wind power and more than 15 million kilowatts of installed photovoltaic power in the next five years.

A group of nuclear power projects in China’s coastal regions will be given green-light over the next five years, according to Bekri.

China will establish a warning mechanism to control coal-fired power plants construction and production. No new coal mines will be allowed in the next three years in principle, he said.