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China issues guideline to support social assistance work

Updated: Jun 10,2015 4:44 PM     Xinhua

BEIJING — The Ministry of Civil Affairs and the Ministry of Finance issued a guideline on the modern social assistance system, according to a notice on the MCA website on June 10.

Social assistance aims to ensure that those at risk and people living under the poverty are helped to attain social and economic empowerment. However, the system cannot be sustained solely through government funding.

The guideline called for the drafting and implementation of a new model by 2020, a process which will now involve the private sector.

Services provided by institutions and social workers include social inclusion, access to assistance, counseling and promotion.

In terms of social inclusion, social institutions and social workers can help people to cope with family and social relations, eliminate discrimination, rebuild support networks, and adapt to the community environment.

Institutions and social workers should help people maximize their potential abilities.

The guideline called for better understanding of those who need social assistance, building the system from the grassroots, with the support of professionals and, well-managed and recognized services providers.