Facts & Figures
Facts and figures: China's main targets for 2006-2010
Facts and figures: China's drive to build new socialist countryside
Facts and figures: China's major targets for 2006
China's major achievements in 2005
China's economy grows 9.9% in 2005
Statistical Communique on 2005 national economic and social development
Press Conference
& Repor
Report on the Work of the Government (2006)
Press conference on IPR protection
Premier Wen meets press after conclusion of NPC session
NPC holds press conference on building resources-saving, environment-friendly society
Four ministries hold press conference on building innovation-oriented country
NPC session holds press conference on plan to build new countryside
The 10th Five-Year Plan (2001-2005)
The 9th Five-Year Plan (1996-2000)
The 8th Five-Year Plan (1991-1995)
The 7th Five Year Plan (1986-1990)
The 6th Five-Year Plan (1981-1985)
The 5th Five-Year Plan (1976-1980)
What is the Five-Year Plan
How is the 11th Five-Year Plan mapped out
What are the changes in Five-Year Plans' economic focus
  Peaceful Development
  China's Stance
China follows path of peaceful development: President Hu (04-23-2006)
President Hu urges co-op among civilizations to build harmonious world (04-23-2006)
China will keep to path of peaceful development: Hu (04-20-2006)
Peaceful growth in national interest: minister (04-13-2006)
China's Peaceful Development Road (full text) (12-22-2005)
Peaceful growth benefits every nation (12-23-2005)
China pledges to pursue "peaceful development road" (12-22-2005)
Leading strategist: peaceful rise aims at civilization revitalization (04-09-2006)
Peaceful development of China and common prosperity of the world (04-06-2006)
Wen's speech on win-win cooperation for common development (full text) (04-06-2006)
  Mutual Benefit
China-Pacific Island Countries Economic Development and Cooperation Guiding Framework signed (04-06-2006)
China, Pacific island countries set guiding framework for economic, trade ties (04-05-2006)
China vows to further energy cooperation with Turkmenistan (04-05-2006)
China, Australia ink deals on cooperation (04-03-2006)
China, Algeria deepen cooperation (03-29-2006)
Poland sees golden opportunity in China (03-28-2006)
Putin confident of energy cooperation with China (03-22-2006)
China, Nepal to further cooperation: State Councilor Tang (03-17-2006)
Nepal, China agree to further cooperation (03-17-2006)
China, Sri Lanka to strengthen cooperation (03-16-2006)
  Int'l Assistance
China to help farmers, fishermen in developing countries (05-19-2006)
China provides assistance to more than 110 countries, regional organizations: white paper (12-22-2005)
China provides $1m relief aid for Philippines (02-18-2006)
China participates in major int'l emergency relief operations: official (01-18-2006)
China donates more relief goods to Pakistan (01-06-2006)
China donates relief materials to Myanmar (12-16-2005)
Premier pledges educational assistance to developing nations (11-28-2005)
China sends more relief materials to Pakistan (11-05-2005)
Another 103 tons of relief goods shipped to Pakistan (11-02-2005)
Relief aid to Pakistan exceeds $20m (10-30-2005)
  Peacekeeping Mission
Peacekeeping squad to Haiti departs Beijing (04-12-2007)
Chinese medical team to execute peacekeeping mission in Lebanon (01-29-2007)
2nd peacekeeping team to Sudan to go in Jan (12-26-2006)
China the largest UNSC contributor to peacekeeping missions (09-28-2006)
China's 4th peacekeeping team to Haiti begins 8-month mission (08-18-2006)
Chinese peacekeepers serve with distinction (03-03-2006)
China's principles on peacekeeping operations (07-31-2003)
China's first peacekeeping force (07-31-2003)
China sends police dogs to join UN landmine clearance mission (03-02-2006)
Chinese peacekeepers protect Haiti vote (02-11-2006)

Top advisor calls for innovation in united front work

VP Zeng calls for realizing goal for 11th Five-Year Plan

Premier meets farmers to hear concerns on 11th Five-Year Plan

China Development Forum 2006 opens in Beijing

NPC endorses 11th five-year plan

President Hu attends closing meeting of NPC session

Premier Wen meets press