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Marriage Certificate and Divorce Certificate samples: Front cover

Updated: Aug 21,2014 8:34 PM     

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Front cover

1.Paper size of finished certificate: 188mm×128mm;

2.Explanation of font and national emblem:

(1)“The People’s Republic of China”: SimSun; block letter; 42 pt; 45mm×11.5mm;

(2)“Marriage Certificate”: SimSun; enlarged size; block letter; 45mm×11.5mm;

(3)“Divorce Certificate”: SimSun; enlarged size; block letter; 45mm×11.5mm;

(4)“National Emblem”: national standards in miniature; 40mm×37mm.

3. Samples are shown above.

4. Explanation of imported ruby leatherette paper with anti-counterfeiting design

(1) The color of ruby leatherette paper is purplish red. Its shape is not subject to climate or temperature;

(2) Ruby leatherette paper is made of genuine leather with lustrous abstract patterns. Its interleaving paper is made of high-quality wood pulp. It weighs 210g per square meter. This kind of material is widely used in the production of top-grade autograph books, bankbooks, certificates and hard-back books. It contains no PVC;

(3) Its interlayer contains fluorescent watermark of “Marriage Certificate issued by the People’s Republic of China”, “MPRCHINA”, and round-shaped “double happiness”. The surface coating does not display anti-counterfeiting design. Forgery is impossible, guaranteeing the effective identification and regulation of law enforcement agencies.

5. Identification technology of leatherette paper and its anti-counterfeiting design:

(1)The surface coating does not display anti-counterfeiting design under any circumstance. The anti-counterfeiting fluorescent patterns can only be shown when irradiated by currency detector or ultraviolet rays. Those display patterns without irradiation of are forgery;

(2)The certificate is not covered by PVC;

(3)The leatherette paper is evenly red inside and outside.