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Premier Li meets with Chancellor Merkel on ties

Updated: Jun 14,2016 9:52 AM

Premier Li Keqiang and visiting German Chancellor Angela Merkel have spoken at a joint press conference after holding talks in Beijing. They announced more than 20 cooperative projects signed during this round of intergovernmental consultations. They also talked about further boosting cooperation, in particular in trade and investment.

A warm welcome by her Chinese counterpart Premier Li Keqiang. High-level exchanges as well as government cabinets holding talks--this is what inter-governmental consultations are all about.

Meeting every two years to lay down more pragmatic projects. This time Merkel and Premier Li witnessed a signing ceremony of 24 cooperation projects or MOUs.

Collaborating on innovation, scientific development, environmental protection, education programs as well as energy sectors were all included.

Merkel and Premier Li also held a joint news briefing after their meeting.

They both started by offering their condolences to the victims of shooting in Orlando.

“China opposes any form of violent and terrorist actions. We express our deep condolences over the death of the victims, and our heartfelt sympathy goes out to the wounded and families of the victims. We wish the wounded a speedy recovery,” said Premier Li.

“We have a heavy heart. I think I can say this on behalf of all others who are guests here from Germany, that the hatred and badness of one single person, took the lives of more than 50 people. We are determined, even if such murderous attacks leave us deep in mourning, to continue to live in an open and tolerant way,” said Merkel.

More than any other European country, Germany has benefited from the rapid expansion of the Chinese economy over the past decade.

Germany is China’s biggest trading partner and technology exporter in Europe. China is Germany’s second largest trading partner outside the European Union, after the United States.

“We agreed to deepen cooperation in trade, and investment and finance sectors, in order to shape a new engine of economic growth between the two countries. Or, in other words, transform and upgrade the old traditional engine of growth. We will both strive to foster a more friendly environment for economic exchanges, expand bilateral investment, and cross-border RMB transactions. We will also deepen cooperation in the manufacturing sector,” said Premier Li.

In regards to China’s market status, Merkel said:”We have talked about Article 15 regarding China’s EU market economy status. On behalf of the German side, I want to say that we remember our earlier promise. That promise still stands today. Germany is always open to investment from Chinese enterprises.”

On June 12, Merkel visited the University of Chinese academy of Sciences and was conferred upon a doctorate degree by Nanjing University. Merkel spoke highly of the sound development of ties with China.