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FTA boosts China-Chile trade ties

Updated: May 27,2015 4:11 PM

Chile is the last stop for Premier Li Keqiang’s visit to Latin America. As the first Latin American country which signed a free-trade agreement with China, Chile is trying to consolidate the bilateral cooperation in agricultural exports, finance and infrastructure construction.

2015 marks the 10th anniversary of China-Chile free trade agreement. Jorge Heine, Chilean Ambassador to China, hails the China-Chile free trade agreement as a good example for bilateral FTA deals.

“If anybody would like to see a proof of how these agreements work, all they need to do is to look at the China-Chile experience. It is working very well for both parties,” Heine said.

Chile has abundant resources in minerals, forests and fishery stocks. A decade after the FTA, China has become the dominant importer of Chile’s copper products, fruits and wine. But for Chileans, they would like to find more opportunities.

“We are particularly excited about the possibility to export more food to China. There is a potential in the Chinese market for that,” Heine said.

On FTA expansion with China, Ambassador Heine says both countries are seeking to expand the FTA categories including financial services, e-commerce and cutting edge technologies.

Chinese investments in Chile is only accounts for a small percentage of its total investments in Latin America. Ambassador Heine says Chile welcomes more investment from China.