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Premier Li Keqiang vows to continue deepening govt reforms

Updated: Mar 15,2015 3:22 PM     cntv

Premier Li Keqiang compared the government’s self-imposed reforms amid China’s economic slowdown to “cutting one’s flesh”. He said it upsets vested interests, but it’s necessary to boost the economy.

“This is a reform to the government itself. During the course of reform, the vested interests will be upset. This is not nail clipping. Instead, this is taking knife to one’s own flesh. So, pain is natural. However painful it may be, we are determined to keep going until our job is done,” Premier Li said.

“The reform of streamlining administration and delegating government power helps us get the relationship right between the government and the market. It helps boost vitality of the market and puts us in a stronger position to cope with downward pressures.”