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German Chancellor meets Premier Li, major deals signed

Updated: Jul 7,2014 3:58 PM

Germany has hammered out a series of major business deals with China, during Chancellor Angela Merkel’s visit in Beijing. She met Premier Li Keqiang on the morning of July 7, 2014, with the two countries pledging more cooperation in cyber security.

This is Angela Merkel’s seventh visit to China as German Chancellor. Welcomed by Premier Li Keqiang in Beijing, her presence was welcomed in solemnity and warm hospitality.

Trade surfaced at the top of the agenda for both sides. Merkel is accompanied by what the media has termed a “super-star business delegation”, including top executives from large multinationals Volkswagen, Siemens, Airbus and Deutsche Bank.

Aside from the talks, the two leaders oversaw the signing of six major business deals--ranging from the automobile industry to electronics, aviation and alternative energy.

“These six deals signed are just a very small part of a series of Sino-German trade cooperation programs. The two countries will continue to secure a series of business cooperation projects.” said Li Keqiang.

The two countries said they would channel more focus and resources to new energy.

“We discussed an energy partnership and matters in energy efficiency, and the input that Germany can give on urbanization issues in China. We are convinced that building resource efficiency and urban development is extremely important.” said Angela Merkel, German Chancellor.

Talks also touched on cyber security. Merkel says her country opposes hacking activities made by the US on German companies and against her own personal privacy.

Premier Li says that both China and Germany are victims of cyber attacks, and called for cooperation with Germany for security in the cyber realm.

Merkel’s visit this week also coincided with the 77th anniversary of the beginning of China’s War of Resistance Against Japanese Invasion. This was a major part of the second World War, for which Germany long ago made amends.

“The future can be inaugurated and peace can be maintained only if lessons from history are kept in mind,” said Li Keqiang.

Angela Merkel has recently kept a high frequency in the meetings with Chinese leaders. The Sino-German relations, as state-owned Xinhua News Agency puts it, are at their all-time best. Many believe Merkel’s visit this time is not just for pragmatic cooperation, but also a show of her determination to continue the current momentum of friendly relations.