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Premier Li makes rescue top priority in quake relief

Updated: Aug 5,2014 5:10 PM

Premier Li Keqiang has emphasized rescue efforts as a top priority in quake relief. Li inspected the work for around three hours at the quake area after arriving at the epicenter in Longtoushan Township on Aug 4, 2014.

The premier walked five kilometers to Longquan Village, one of the worst-hit areas, with the road to the township still being blocked. He talked with villagers and discussed the assistance they were being provided.

Earlier, Premier Li went to a coordination meeting held in a tent on the play-ground of Ludian Middle School. He stood in silent tribute to the loss of lives in the disaster. He said the most important thing was to save lives. He went on to call for all-out efforts to treat the injured and transfer those suffering from serious injuries to hospitals in nearby regions with better medical conditions.