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China still has much to do: Premier

Updated: Jan 4,2016 4:23 PM

After inspecting a shantytown area in Taiyuan, capital of North China’s Shanxi province, Premier Li Keqiang said on Jan 4 that the government still shoulders heavy responsibilities.

The Premier visited the dilapidated one-story house of an old woman in the Xiaobeiguan area, then heard that there are more than 80 such areas in Taiyuan.

“You see? Ordinary people are still living in such conditions. China still has a lot to do!” he said to the ministers accompanying him.

The Xiaobeiguan shantytown area is home to 830 households, who share one water faucet and one public toilet. The area has not been equipped with central heating or any sewage system.

“I myself grew up in a shantytown area, so I know your hardships well,” the Premier told the residents.

He pledged to the residents that he would let them move into new buildings as soon as possible.