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Premier salutes young leaders of China, ROK

Updated: Nov 2,2015 8:03 PM

Visiting Premier Li Keqiang on Nov 2 greeted youth representatives from China and the Republic of Korea at the China-ROK Young Leaders Forum in Seoul.

Accompanied by the ROK’s Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn, Premier Li talked with young leaders such as Chinese star swimmer Ning Zetao and actor Han Geng.

The Premier said China is promoting innovation and entrepreneurship while the ROK is advocating an innovative economy. He hoped that young people of both countries can join hands and realize their dreams of entrepreneurship.

In particular, Premier Li had a chat with Go masters Chang Hao and Lee Chang-ho.

“Many young people from China and the ROK like Go. Mr Lee is good at reversing disadvantageous situations, which shows that young people can always catch up with the older generation,” Premier Li said.

“The young generation is sure to create a more splendid future than their predecessors,” said the Premier.