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Premier’s inspection tour of Dalian

Updated: Sep 12,2015 6:14 PM

While at the Summer Davos Forum, Premier Li Keqiang took an inspection tour of Dalian, with a focus on upgrading industry, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Premier Li toured the makerspace in Dalian High-tech Industrial Zone, which is a platform providing comprehensive services for makers.

“In order to speed up the implementation of our strategy to boost mass innovation and entrepreneurship in order to drive the economy, we need not only to grasp unique creative ideas and new market demands, but also stick to the craftsman’s spirit, seeking perfection in details and high quality. Only in this way can we develop better products to meet various market demands,” said the Premier.

The Premier said, “We need to use Internet Plus to upgrade industry, share economic conceptions to stimulate vitality, connect the creative ideas of millions of people with information technology and promote the close integration of traditional manufacturing with the modern service industry, thus accomplishing the industry upgrade more efficiently and with lower costs.”

Governments at all levels and the society should implement policies to support entrepreneurship and innovation, push forward reforms such as administrative streamlining and power delegation, and optimize their services. These moves will foster the “soil and ecology” for entrepreneurship, nurture the seedlings of startups into a vibrant forest, and inject vitality into the economy.

Premier Li visited a plant of DHI DCW Group Co Ltd, a heavy machinery manufacturer in Dalian which has pioneered innovative technologies in heavy equipment. The Premier said that an enterprise’s competitiveness advances at the pace of its innovation.

The manufacturing industry is the key bottleneck that the Chinese economy needs to cross to move to the medium-to-high level, he added.

The Premier also visited the onshore assembly site of a marine engineering company in the city.

The world economy lacks the vigor for recovery and the global market seems to have withered, the Premier said. Chinese enterprises should take the responsibility and have the guts to explore the global market, which will demonstrate the cost-performance edge of Chinese equipment, elevating their brands into world-renowned names through international production capacity cooperation.