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Premier stresses quality and safety at nuclear energy company

Updated: Jun 15,2015 9:33 PM

During a visit to China Nuclear Power Engineering Company in Beijing on June 15, Premier Li Keqiang talked through video to workers at six nuclear power equipment manufacturers from around the country.

The Premier praised the companies and their employees, saying that they had developed a quality and competitive nuclear reactor on their own, which is vital to the country’s development.

Premier Li Keqiang inquired about Hualong One Reactor at China Nuclear Power Engineering Company in Beijing on June 15.

The Premier watched the digital simulation of the company’s nuclear emergency management, and urged the company to attach the highest importance to safety.

Premier Li Keqiang said that Chinese nuclear power companies should develop equipment that is in line with the international standards if they want to sell abroad, and collaborate with developed countries in Europe and America to explore third-country markets.

Premier Li Keqiang told the workers at China Nuclear Power Engineering Company that he will promote Hualong One Reactor more across the world, and told them to make products that meet the highest standards, have the best quality and are most cost-effective, in order to make them more competitive in the international market.