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Premier: financial sector and real economy are inseparable

Updated: Apr 17,2015 5:26 PM

During a visit to finance division of the China Development Bank, Premier Li said more financial support should be extended for the 200,000 households in Heilongjiang and Jilin provinces who live in areas affected by soil subsidence.

“We will not make our people sleep in craters,” said the Premier.

The Premier asked the employees at the division: “Have you ever been to shantytowns?” He encouraged them to visit these places to understand the situation of those who live in shantytowns.

The finance division, set up a year ago, provides strong support for the rebuilding of shantytowns.

China is in a “transition” stage, and the financial sector will play an important role to bolster this process, Premier Li said during his visit to banks.

The Premier said the financial sector and the real economy are inseparable, and complementary to each other.

The real economy is the “flesh”, while the financial sector is the “blood”, the Premier said.

In the absence of “flesh”, the economy will not survive with merely “blood”. Neither will it only with flesh, the Premier said.