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Premier stresses clean governance at State Council meeting

Updated: Feb 9,2015 2:47 PM

Premier Li Keqiang attends the third work conference of the Independent Commission Against Corruption of the State Council in Beijing, Feb 9, 2015.

Government’s efforts to streamline administrative approval procedures and delegate powers to lower levels will be boosted, Premier Li Keqiang vowed at the third work conference of the Independent Commission Against Corruption of the State Council on Feb 9.

The move, Li said, is not only the key to realize market potential and maintain growth, but is also fundamental to fighting corruption. Abuses of power will be tackled through delegating powers, he added.

As the government delegates power, a robust legal system, with powers and responsibilities clearly defined, should be established. It is the “golden key” to building a law-based and corruption-free government, he said.

Li mentioned that some unnecessary administrative procedures still exist under new guises, while some others seem to have been streamlined yet barriers remain in the area of intermediate services. Calling them “gray areas,” Li said the impediments must be eliminated to ensure the dividends of reform get to the right people.

The Premier urged that all use of fiscal funds, including decisions on expenditure, implementation, management and outcome, must be made public in a way that people can fully understand.

Li said the government should not waste even a cent of public funds, as it is taxpayers’ money. All government income and expenditure should be included in a budget open to the public and subject to audit. Funds that have not been touched for a long time should be withdrawn by the central government, and State-owned enterprises and assets be subject to strict supervision and administration, Li said.

Li added that government officials at all levels should fulfill their responsibilities. Measures will be taken to punish those who fail, including public exposure.