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Premier solicits advice from non-CPC members for govt work report

Updated: Jan 17,2019 9:31 PM

Premier Li Keqiang held a symposium seeking advice from members outside the Communist Party of China (CPC) for the government work report draft on Jan 17.

Guests included leaders of democratic parties, All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, and those without party affiliations.

Premier Li said inviting non-CPC members to make suggestions for the report is a significant practice of consultative democracy, a major manifest of China’s system of CPC-led multiparty cooperation and political consultation, and a crucial step for the State Council to accept democratic supervision.

Attendees agreed that China in 2018 has actively coped with complicated and severe situations at home and abroad, and completed the annual economic and social development goals. They also gave suggestions on this year’s government work report.

Wan E’xiang, chairman of the Central Committee of the Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang, suggested developing and expanding the domestic market and further opening-up.

Ding Zhongli, chairman of the Central Committee of the China Democratic League, gave suggestions on preventing debt and financial risks and improving the quality of the social security system.

Hao Mingjin, chairman of the Central Committee of the China National Democratic Construction Association, spoke about advancing the transformation of growth engines and building a diversified ecological compensation system along the Yangtze River economic belt.

Cai Dafeng, chairman of the Central Committee of the China Association for Promoting Democracy, proposed to enrich employment opportunities and to increase administrative efficiency.

Chen Zhu, chairman of the Central Committee of the Chinese Peasants and Workers Democratic Party, advised to strengthen growth driven by technology and innovation, increase efforts in securing and improving people’s livelihood.

Wan Gang, chairman of the Zhigong Party Central Committee, talked about innovating and improving macro controls and optimizing the business environment.

Wu Weihua, chairman of the Central Committee of the Jiusan Society, shared his ideas on the construction of the national technology innovation center and on the establishment and open-sharing of large scientific apparatuses.

Su Hui, chairman of the Central Committee of the Taiwan Democratic Self-Government League, suggested improving the intellectual property financing system, and fulfilling and improving policies that benefit Taiwan.

Gao Yunlong, chairman of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, proposed to implement policies supporting the private economy.

Lyu Jian, representing those without party affiliation, gave suggestions on reforming the technology assessment system and lowering enterprises’ running costs.

Premier Li expressed his gratitude for the support of the three groups, saying that their suggestions, which the State Council will study and adopt, are helpful for the revision of the government work report and accomplishment of the government’s work.

This year, China’s development faces more difficulties and challenges, the Premier said. Under the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, the government should remain committed to the general principle of pursuing progress while ensuring stability, and continue to follow a proactive fiscal policy and a prudent monetary policy.

The government has accumulated experience in refraining from resorting to a deluge of strong stimulus policies and ensured the economy performs within a reasonable range by transforming China’s growth model, with innovative and refined macro regulation, said the Premier.

More efforts should be made in further deepening reform and opening-up, improving the business environment, energizing market entities, and lightening the burden on businesses, especially small and micro-sized enterprises, the Premier urged.

Premier Li also called for work ensuring people’s basic living needs are met, which will in turn unleash domestic demand.

Vice-Premiers Sun Chunlan and Hu Chunhua, State Councilors Wei Fenghe, Wang Yong, Wang Yi and Xiao Jie, and You Quan, head of the United Front Work Department of the CPC Central Committee, also attended the symposium.