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China to open ‘green passage’ for foreign experts

Updated: Oct 1,2018 4:42 PM

The Chinese government will open a “green passage” for foreign experts coming to work in China and offer more conveniences for them, Premier Li Keqiang said.

He made the remarks when meeting with foreign experts who received the 2017 Friendship Award granted by the Chinese government, and their families on Sept 30.

Fifty foreign experts from 21 countries received this year’s Friendship Award-China’s highest honor granted to a foreigner-for their contributions to the nation’s development.

Two representatives, one from Denmark and another from Germany, both told their story about their contributions to R&D in China, such as production of new energy vehicles.

The Premier spoke highly of the long-term contributions made by foreign experts and welcomed them to participate in China’s development.

The grandson of John Rabe, a German businessman whose efforts to stop the atrocities of the Nanjing Massacre are documented in The Diaries of John Rabe, told Premier Li the Rabe family’s story in China.

While mentioning the record of the Nanjing massacre in The Diaries of John Rabe, Premier Li said the Chinese people will never forget the friendship and justice extended by the international community in the past and will always cherish the memory.

Premier Li said this year marks the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening-up, and 40 years of continuous opening-up has in turn driven reform and development

China will adopt a more positive, open and effective policy and provide better services to attract talents, the Premier said.

With an effective mechanism, a “green passage”, to allow a foreigner to work and live in China, a foreigner can process online all procedures needed to work in China and with one card, can live in China without worries, the Premier said.

Premier Li said the Chinese government will offer more equal opportunities for foreign experts and strengthen protection of intellectual property rights.

And any case of violation of IPR can be directly reported to related departments or local government, and severe penalties will be imposed, the Premier said.

Foreign talents and their intelligence have become an integral part of China’s innovation system, Premier Li said.

More foreign experts are welcome to play an even big role in China’s innovative development, the Premier said.

He expressed the hope that both Chinese and foreign talents will jointly promote the advancement of global scientific and technological innovation as well as civilization, and the healthy development of economic globalization.