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Rosy blueprint unfolds for China-Bulgaria ties

Updated: Jul 7,2018 12:28 PM

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov bypassed a conference table and sat down beside Premier Li, a scene rarely seen in diplomatic meetings.

With a map in hand, Borissov said he wanted to show the Premier where they plan to build a tunnel.

Then, the Bulgarian interpreter came over with accompanying personnel, and a Bulgarian minister cut in for further explanation.

“Do you have a detailed plan? In which aspects can we cooperate?” the Premier asked.

“We already have a design. To ensure an investment return, we hope to work with China,” Borissov said.

Premier Li responded both sides could establish a work team, invite international organizations and financial institutions in, and call for bids openly.

“We should try to make it an open, transparent project that complies with the European Union’s rules and market principles, a remarkable project that will bring mutual benefit,” the Premier added.

When Borissov mentioned another nuclear power project, Premier Li suggested that some European countries with advanced nuclear technologies could be invited to form tripartite or four-party cooperation.

“China has cooperated with France in Britain in nuclear areas, so we can also bring in a third party in this project,” the Premier said.

The discussion went for an hour, until a protocol officer twice reminded them they needed to meet journalists.

Borissov said he believes cooperation would bring about spectacular projects.

“We should stick to multilateral cooperation and free trade, fight against unilateralism to achieve win-win results,” the Premier said.

After they walked to meet with reporters, a senior diplomat present said he had never seen such a thing in his career.