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Premier Li urges improvement in social credit system

Updated: Jun 10,2018 10:17 AM

The government should enhance the social credit system and crack down on illegal actions that produce strong concerns among the public, Premier Li Keqiang said at the State Council executive meeting on June 6.

At the meeting, measures were rolled out to further improve the social credit system.

Premier Li stressed in the Government Work Report of 2014 that efforts should be made to this end, and called for setting up a blacklist system against those who violate market rules.

According to related departments at the meeting, important progress has been made in recent years, marked by full coverage of a unified social credit code, and sound performance in joint incentive and punishment mechanisms.

Premier Li asked that the government accelerate building a blacklist mechanism, and publish blacklists and information as much as possible.

For a better business environment, market entities need to get access to all information they should know via the social credit system, the Premier said.

Those at the meeting decided to accelerate establishment of a supervision mechanism with credit at the core.

Premier Li also urged improving the online credit system in key areas concerning people’s livelihood through internet Plus platforms.

During his visit to Northwest China’s Ningxia Hui autonomous region on June 4, the Premier found that internet Plus healthcare enables patients in remote areas to consult with a better doctor in Beijing, and internet Plus education enables students in remote and poor areas to get access to good teachers.

Premier Li said at the meeting that an early establishment of the credit system in online healthcare and education would bring more benefits to people living in remote areas.

In addition, decisions were made at the meeting to safeguard information safety and protect business secrets and individual privacy, guide the nonpublic sector in building the social credit system, and develop credit information services.