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Japanese media focus on Premier’s visit

Updated: May 12,2018 9:13 PM

On May 11, as Premier Li Keqiang wrapped up his Japan tour and prepared to leave at the airport, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe sent him off just at the gangway.

Japanese media describe Shinzo Abe’s behavior as “unexpected,” because they say their prime minister never sent foreign leaders off that way.

“Privileged reception” is another phrase that Japanese media used to describe Premier Li’s visit, as Abe has accompanied the Premier throughout his visit, from Tokyo to Hokkaido, which is a rare situation.

Analysts in Japan noticed that Premier Li’s visit caught wide attention from the Japanese media, who have reported on the tour from beginning to end and did not hesitate to use big headlines.

Even when the Premier visited as far away as Hokkaido, his tour still received intensive reports from Kyodo News, and Hokkaido local media.

The result is that the media have “let almost everyone in Japan know that the Chinese Premier came to Japan.” The public attention on Premier Li’s visit will help benefit the two countries’ relationship, analysts said.

Kyodo News said Premier Li wished to develop a long-term, stable bilateral relationship at the opening ceremony of the China-Japan Governor Forum, which will bring wide possibilities for local-level exchange between the two countries.

Japan News Network noted that Premier Li frequently mentioned technical innovation and advanced technologies in his speech, and the Premier hopes to enhance cooperation with Japan in those sectors.

Premier Li also expressed his hope regarding cooperation with Japan in technical innovation, exploration of third-party markets, and finance. As reported by Kyodo News Agency, the Premier welcomes Japanese enterprises in China.

While visiting a factory for Japanese carmaker Toyota on Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido, Premier Li showed particular attention to product development. “Premier Li cares about future technologies,” the head of company Akio Toyoda said.

According to the report by Lianhe Zaobao, during Premier Li’s visit, China and Japan reached consensus on pragmatic cooperation in technical innovation, high-end manufacturing, sharing economy, medical care, and boosting trade relations between the two sides.

Japan News Network reported that from Tokyo to Hokkaido, and from the China-Japan-ROK leaders’ meeting to an official visit to Japan, Premier Li participated in 20 activities. Premier Li’s busy schedule has enhanced mutual trust between the two sides.