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Premier Li urges solid efforts to conquer cancer

Updated: Dec 14,2017 3:47 PM

On Dec 12, Premier Li Keqiang visited children with leukemia at Wuhan Union Hospital, where he also had insightful discussions about cures for cancer with experts. The visit took place two months after he stressed the urgency of wiping out cancer with the concentrated forces of advanced technology and research at the State Council executive meeting in October.

Last month, Premier Li issued an instruction, pressing departments concerned to enhance the production and supplies of low-priced domestic medicine for leukemia patients. During the visit, the Premier inquired about the status of the sick children’s families and assured them that the government would guarantee long-term supplies of medicine in full. Meanwhile, Premier Li asked that officials of the Department of Health follow up with the supplies of rare medicines.

Premier Li also brought the children jigsaw puzzle maps as gifts to boost their confidence in therapy and encourage them to explore the whole world in the near future.

The Premier praised the considerable progress in therapies targeting tumors during his meeting with cancer experts, urging further efficiency in clinical examinations and approvals, and drug safety.

Premier Li stressed that officials from the Department of Health should draw up a medical report in accordance with the opinions aired by doctors and patients with solid governmental support.

Premier Li stated that life sciences, including cancer, which plagues people the most, should be seen as very much having equal importance as maritime and cosmic sciences. He also urged related research be conducted with an immediate effect to combat cancer and lift the burden on families.