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Premier Li urges cancellation of enterprise-related service fees

Updated: Nov 24,2017 5:17 PM

Premier Li Keqiang urged canceling unreasonable enterprise-related service fees to relieve them from heavy burdens, during the State Council executive meeting on Nov 22.

The meeting decided to take further steps to overhaul enterprise-related service fees. It is a major move to strengthen supply-side structural reform and reduce institutional cost for enterprises, the Premier said.

He has repeatedly said the government should take stronger actions this year to reduce taxes and fees to better serve enterprises.

As reported by related departments on Nov 22, enterprises have saved 175 billion yuan so far this year, thanks to government measures.

Enterprises’ expenditure in power use has declined by 17.6 percent year-on-year. For large-scale enterprises, costs and expenses have declined 0.02 yuan and 0.35 yuan per 100 in revenue, respectively.

Although the government has made headway, supervision must be enhanced in case of resurgence of any unreasonable charges, Premier Li said.

It was decided at the meeting that a national platform on government-fixed service charges will be established. And all departments and local governments should publish their fee lists this year.

While running the platform, we must ensure transparency and social supervision, building a reporting system with tough punishments for illegal charges, the Premier said.

The government should also draw public opinions after disclosing the fee lists, in order to cancel more unnecessary items, and at the same time, newly added fees should go through strict checks and approvals, he added.

He said that fiscal expenditure should be optimized, and some services can be covered by government finance.

The government should never pursue petty profits, and it should spend as much as needed for public services. By expanding public financial expenditure, enterprises will be provided with more room for development, he said.