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Premier visits technical university before Teachers’ Day

Updated: Sep 9,2017 2:15 PM

Before the upcoming 33rd Teachers’ Day, Premier Li Keqiang visited the Tianjin University of Technology and Education in Tianjin municipality on Sept 8.

At the university, the Premier encouraged the teachers to become excellent sculptors of “made-in-China”.

“You not only pass on knowledge in books, but also techniques,” he said.

“You lead students to make contributions to the country and the society, while nurturing their craftsmanship and deepening their thought.”

In the workshop of the technicians, after seeing super precise components processed by numerical control, the Premier said, nowadays, most products for people’s daily life are not processed seriously enough.

“We should penetrate the craftsmanship spirit into every procedure in production — no matter in big factories or small workshops — to make Chinese products competitive in both value and quality,” he said.

After graduation, the students will become both teachers and technicians.

The Tianjin University of Technology and Education is China’s first normal university to cultivate teachers for vocational education, in which a whole system to cultivate teachers with technician qualification for undergraduate, postgraduate, doctorate and vocational education is established. The Premier called on students to impart skills, as well as craftsmanship spirit in the future in order to cultivate a large number of talents for made-in-China products.